Gale Hawthorne → 22 years old → Lives in D2 → In a relationship with Johanna Mason → FC: Liam Hemsworth → Open

Gale Hawthorne is, or was, the best friend of Katniss Everdeen. All that changed when she went into the 74th Hunger Games. Sure, they were still ‘friends’ when she came back, but the whole Starcrossed Lovers thing changed everything. After the rebellion, Gale went to go live in District 2, and met Johanna Mason. The two fell madly in love, and began a life in District 2. Gale himself, is a very strong boy. And most say he belongs in 2. Gale’s father died in the same mining accident as Katniss’s, he then became the man of the house and had to provide for his family. Gale’s hand, as Katniss would say, were magic. He could set up the most complicated snares with ease.

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