Cato Martin → 22 years old → District 2 → In a relationship with Clove Keller → FC: Alexander Ludwig → Taken

Cato is known for being in the 74th Hunger Games. He placed 3rd, right behind Katniss and Peeta. His death was long and dragged out, mostly because the Capitol had sent mutts in to chase the 3 together. The mutts had gotten Cato, but couldn’t kill him. Katniss finally ended his torture by putting an arrow through his skull. Cato, coming from D2, is one of those brutal people. He can snap your neck in an instant if he wants. He and his district partner in the Games, Clove, always had something going on. And it was apparent. In their district, and in the games. Cato has a bad temper and can snap quite easily. But he still is nice at times, just don’t say or do the wrong thing. Plutarch decided to bring some of the tributes back after the rebellion, drew their names from a bowl; Cato, along with his district partner, were one of them.

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